York Bio Shield J-Series Air Conditioners – YWM10J, YWM15J, YWM20J, YWM25J

The York Bio Shield J-series air-conditioners are non-inverters air conds available in 1.0hp to 2.5hp, depending on the model. This is the York Bio Shield technology model, suitable for any homes, offices or workplace, available from L&L Engineering Services, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

York Bio Sheild Models: J-Series

Indoor Unit
Outdoor UnitYSL09C3YSL15C3YSL20C3YSL25C3
Cooling Capacity10,000 Btu/h13,000 Btu/h19,000 Btu/h24,000 Btu/h
Rated2.93 kW3.81 kW5.57 kW7.03 kW
Power Supply1 ph, 230V, 50Hz1 ph, 230V, 50Hz1 ph, 230V, 50Hz1 ph, 230V, 50Hz
Running Current4.38A5.60A8.43A12.00A
Dimensions: Indoor
Dimensions: Outdoor495x600x245540x700x250654x855x328756x855x328
Weight: Indoor13kg13kg14kg14kg
Weight: Outdoor28kg37kg59kg62kg
Copper Pipe: Liquid1/4in1/4in3/8in3/8in
Copper Pipe: Gas3/8in1/2in5/8in5/8in

York Cooling King J-Series

Improved Indoor Air Quality Using Bio-Engineering

York J-Series, YWM10J, YWM15J, YWM20J, YWM25J, comes with York’s Bio-Antibody filter.

  1. 1 minute Deactivation Time – Deactivates influenza virus within 1 minute.
  2. Influenza Virus Protection – effective against Influenza Virus A.
  3. Neutralize Virus – Antibody in Bio-Shield neutralizes the antigen generated by virus.

Titanium Apatite Filter

Double The Absorption Of Bacteria And Viruses

Absorption power is more than doubled using the capability of apatite and the photo catalyst capability of titanium oxide.

  1. Step 1 – Titanium Oxide is activated.
  2. Step 2 – It decomposes bacteria and viruses.
  3. Step 3 – Removes odour.


  • Smooth air distribution and quiet operation.
  • Long air throw.
  • Built-in Starter prevents over-loading and protects unit.
  • Auto Restart after power blackout to its last setting condition.

Available Models: York J-Series

York Bio-Shield J-Series Non-Inverter air conditioners are available in these models:
1) York YWM10J- 1.0hp
2) York YWM15J- 1.5hp
3) York YWM20J- 2.0hp
4) York YWM25J- 2.5hp

York Bio-Shield J series

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