Dewpoint Air Curtains, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

The Dewpoint Air Curtain acts as an invisible door to retain indoor cooling, and blocks out dusts, fumes, odours and insects. It also acts as a zoning function separating air-conditioned and non-air conditioned zones in commercial outlets. The Dewpoint Air Curtain for commercial properties is available from L&L Engineering Services, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Dewpoint Air Curtain

Outlet Velocity9.6 m/s9.3 m/s17.8 m/s16.3 m/s
Air Volume442 cfm585 cfm698 cfm970 cfm
Power Supply1 ph, 240V, 50Hz1 ph, 240V, 50Hz1 ph, 240V, 50Hz1 ph, 240V, 50Hz
Running Current0.38A0.45A1.14A1.31A
Weight: Indoor11.3kg14.0kg11.3kg14.0kg

System Applications

Air Curtain Performance

  • High performance motor.
  • Quiet Fan System.
  • Stream-line Casing.
  • Quiet Operation.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Match any interior design.


  1. Retains indoor air conditioning.
  2. Blocks out dust, fumes, odours and insects.
  3. Zoning function for air conditioned and non-air conditioned areas.
  4. Separates smoking and non-smoking areas.
  5. Ideal for supermarkets, hypermarkets, shopping malls.
  6. Ideal for restaurants and coffee houses.
  7. Ideal for factories and warehouses.
  8. Ideal for conference halls, lounges, lobbies.

Available Models: Dewpoint Air Curtains

Dewpoint Air Curtains are available in these models:
1) Dewpoint DAC308B
2) Dewpoint DAC408B
3) Dewpoint DAC312B
4) Dewpoint DAC412B

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