Daikin wall aircond

Daikin – Superior Technology

Daikin is the only integrated air conditioning manufacturer in the world and the first to bring the latest Japanese technology and sophisticated innovations in residential and commercial air conditioners to Malaysia. As Malaysia’s only Japanese air conditioning specialist, Daikin has a leading edge over its competitors. From refrigerants and compressors to the final air conditioners, Daikin has committed enormous resources to their research and development, design and production.

Daikin’s advanced technology includes many innovative and patented features that are designed to make our units more energy efficient, quieter and more reliable.

Daikin’s Inverter Technology

Daikin Inverter air conditioners are more powerful yet more energy efficient than conventional, non-inverter models.

Conventional air conditioners operate at a fixed speed, delivering a fixed amount of cooling and heating. While trying to maintain a set temperature they operate on a ‘stop/start’ principle. Daikin Inverter air conditioners have much more advanced technology that operates differently. It reaches the desired temperature quicker and steadily maintains it without wild fluctuations. That means uninterrupted comfort and significant savings on running costs.

Daikin Inverter Tips

Quiet Efficiency Operation

Swing Compressor
The design of the swing compressor reduces friction during operation for smoother and quieter rotation with less vibration, and it also minimizes the leakage of refrigerant gas during compression. The result is an air conditioner that operates so quietly and efficiently that you will barely notice it in your home, or your budget.

Reluctance DC Motor
Reluctance DC motors utilize powerful neodymium magnets that are 10 times stronger than conventional magnets. By maximizing torque, Daikin’s Reluctance DC motors can boost efficiency 20% higher than conventional motors.

PAM Control
Pulse Amplitude Modulation Technology is one of the keys to Daikin’s success in producing an air conditioner that offers high power while maintaining excellent energy efficiency.