DC inverter-based concealed ceiling units offer higher efficiency

Daikin duct connection air conditioning system benefits from inverter fan motor, putting the emphasis on energy efficiency. New models available in the Sky Air series FBQ71D/FBQ100D/FBQ125D/FBQ140D. Inverters allow modulating the speed of the motor to the exact system demand, resulting in optimum efficiency and comfort.

Daikin FBQ71D/FBQ100D/FBQ125D/FBQ140D series are duct connection middle high static pressure type air conditioning system. Daikin air conditioners are known for their quiet operations and easy maintenance.

Flexible Use Of Space With Daikin Duct Air-Con

Daikin Sky Air series makes possible the flexible use of space to create a room filled with comfort, in an office suite or any commercial space. The thin, lightweight indoor unit makes installation easy and installation time is reduced.

Cooling Capacity24,200 Btu/h34,100 Btu/h42,700 Btu/h47,800 Btu/h
Power Consumption2.85kW3.75kW4.81kW5.12kW
Rated (min-max) kW7.1 (3.2-8.0)10.0 (5.0-11.2)12.5 (5.7-14.0)14.0 (6.25-15.4)
Power Supply1 phase, 220-240V, 50Hz1 phase, 220-240V, 50Hz1 phase, 220-240V, 50Hz1 phase, 220-240V, 50Hz
Running Current1.3A2.3A2.7A2.7A
Sound Levels Indoor37/32 dB38/33 dB40/36 dB40/36 dB
Sound Levels Outdoor48 dB49 dB50 dB50 dB
Dimensions: Indoor300x1,000x700300x1,400x700300x1,400x700300x1,400x700
Dimensions: Outdoor770x900x3201,170x900x3201,170x900x3201,345x900x320
Weight: Indoor36 KG46 KG46 KG46 KG
Weight: Outdoor61 KG92 KG97 KG97 KG
Max Piping Length50m50m50m50m
Max Height30m30m30m30m
Color: Indoor UnitWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite
Color: Outdoor UnitIvory WhiteIvory WhiteIvory WhiteIvory White

Daikin FBQ71D/FBQ100D/FBQ125D/FBQ140D Series

Daikin dc inverter ductDaikin duct connection middle and high static pressure type uses Daikin’s Super Inverter outdoor units, RZR71KUV1/RZR100KUV1/RZR125KUV1/RZR140KUV1 which runs on single phase.

Three phase air conditioning uses outdoor units, RZR100HUY1/RZR125HUY1/RZR140HUY1 models.

  1. Flexible use of space
  2. Reduced installation time
  3. Quiet operation
  4. Easy Maintenance
  5. Energy saving
  6. Wired and wireless remote control

The duct units blend with any interior, with only the intake and exhaust grilles visible. A built-in air filter ensures a constant supply of clean air, and an integrated drain pump increases system reliability.

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