Daikin Dewpoint Air Curtain LLES

Daikin Dewpoint Air Curtain

Daikin Dewpoint Air Curtain series is driven by a powerful fan system which provides super high concentrated air curtain that covers the entire
doorway with a solid shield of air.

Highly efficiency and high performance provides cool indoor air retention, blocks out unpleasant dust, fumes and
odors. It can also be used as a zoning function for separating air-conditioning zone & non air-conditioning zone, smoking and non-smoking
areas and it may even be used for air circulation purpose.

Standard Model
Daikin Dewpoint Air Curtain is available as Standard model (DAC308C) for residential and commercial application in
retail outlets, shopping malls, hotels, cafeteria, restaurants and other commercial spaces.

Turbo Model
Daikin Dewpoint Air Curtain Turbo Model (DAC320A) is ideal for industrial application use – for factory, warehouse, shopping mall with high ceiling, cold room, loading bay.

Daikin Dewpoint Standard Model

Daikin Dewpoint Standard Model Specs

Daikin Dewpoint Turbo Model

Daikin Dewpoint Turbo Model Specs