Daikin Ceiling Casette Air Con

Daikin Ceiling Cassette FFN-C/FCN-F

Daikin Ceiling Exposed FFN-C series is a R410A Non-Inverter Single Split air conditioner. It uses the R410A Refrigerant. 8 Way Air Flow delivers fast, efficient cooling in a slim design inspired by nature. FFN-C series is available in 1hp to 5hp.

Advanced i-Plasma Technology
Highly effective in deactivating bacteria by damaging the microbial DNA and their surface structures by this advanced plasma. It emits massive positive and negative ions, and sterilize surrounding air more effectively. FCN-F series emit 100 times more ion than ionizer technology in the current market by using advance i-plasma technology.

Daikin FFN-C Non-Inverter Specs