1Stylish Design Creates Harmony In Any Interior Space.
With energy saving inverter technology, Daikin air-conditioning is powerful and stylish at the same time. Daikin offers refreshingly simply design of inverter and non-inverter air-conditioners.

2Efficient Operation With No Energy Wastage.
Daikin Air-Conditioners represents technologically advanced Energy-Saving air-conditioning for your homes and offices. Inverter air-cons operate at maximum capacity as soon as they start up. As a result, the set temperature is reached more quickly.

3Comfortable And Highly Effective Airflow.
Daikin Inverter Air-Conditioners powerful operation boosts cooling performance in our hot climate. Quick cooling provides comfortable airflow, worry free operations and flexible installations.

Daikin Air-Cond


L & L Engineering Services provides air-conditioning, electrical wiring and network cabling services to residential and commercial clients in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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We are authorized dealers for York and Daikin air-conditioners, provide installation and after-sales service to our customers for residential and commercial air-conditioning.

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